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Analysis of common problems in die cutting of different products

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Deviation in die cutting is the most common problem in production. The precision of die cutting is one of the most important standards to measure the quality of the die cutting, and it is an important guarantee for the qualified products. There are many reasons that affect the accuracy of die cutting. For example, the mechanical reasons, the problem of die cutting version, there are also problems from printing, operation environment, personnel operation and so on. There are different solutions for different problems, which are analyzed here one by one.

Board transfer process, the main drive chain wear elongated, will directly affect the positioning accuracy of Shenzhen cutting before, at this time had 4 cutting operation change chain. The wear of the intermittent mechanism causes the tooth to shake in the process of stopping or starting, and it also affects the precision of the die cutting. In this case, it is generally only affected by the positioning accuracy. At this time, the positioning distance of the positioning pendulum is too small before and after the overhaul. Because the length of the chain itself has some errors. If the location distance is too small, the chain error can not be eliminated when positioning is located before and after the positioning, thus affecting the accuracy of die cutting. At this time, we should adjust the cam position of the front positioning pendulum frame or the rear positioning pendulum frame, so that the front and rear positioning rack can move the 2mm to 3mm distance of the row of teeth, so that the positioning of the die cutting plate or the lower die cutting plate is not accurate. The long time use of the machine can cause the wear of the positioning block on the die plate or the die plate, so that the matching clearance is too large to reduce the precision of the die cutting. The positioning block should be replaced at this time. The wear of side positioning plate is an important factor that causes the inaccuracy of side positioning. Due to the lack of positioning to make up for wear and tear, the accuracy of side positioning will be worse. At this time, the pressure of the paper teeth should be too small or uneven. If the elasticity of the moving teeth of the paper teeth is smaller due to the long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off during the transmission process, which will directly affect the accuracy of die cutting. The uneven pressure between the paper teeth will cause the skew of the paper in the die cutting process. The moving teeth should be replaced at this time. In addition, the fixed teeth in the horizontal height should be consistent, otherwise it is also possible in the paper when the paper produced by collision or paper after paper wrinkling effect on cutting machining accuracy; the points above is the main factor of machinery, operation and maintenance personnel need to machine maintenance, maintenance and inspection of each component, and replacement wear parts, to ensure the best cutting machinery.

The problem of plate making. If there are problems in the process of design and plate making, we should choose the advanced plate making way, improve the accuracy of die cutting plate, or correct the template, mainly for printing and die-cutting. The manual plate making is prone to deviation, which may make the position of the printing incompatible with the position of the die cutting, and need to remake the template when necessary; the influence of the environment. It is mainly the deformation or extension of the cardboard, resulting in the inaccuracy of the "overprint", thus affecting the precision of the die cutting. As far as possible, the same character of the working environment is guaranteed by the die indentation and printing in the same operating environment (the same temperature, humidity, etc. at the G port). For polishing and coated sheets to die-cutting pretreatment, minimize the impact deformation of the paper cutting precision liu. Appropriate paper should be selected to reduce the influence of the defects of the material on the accuracy of the die cutting. This includes the entire production process from plate making to printing and die cutting, requiring operators to strictly operate according to the technological process, improve production management requirements, and train professional skills for operators when necessary.

The protective film is commonly seen, mainly used as a material for screen protection and shell protection. Such as South Korea cloud protection film, protective film in addition to the production of products, but also can be used as auxiliary materials for production, and a wide range of uses, the price is very low.

The protective film and protective film are mostly PET, PE and PVC. The protective film of PET is usually double-layer. The protective film of the self release membrane has better quality, even coating, high cleanliness, easy processing and no great change after punching. The processing environment requires high cleanliness. Such as: 3M76991, 3M 2T01, NITTO RP301 and other protective films. The protective film of PE material such as PET have protective film double, but most are single, red must be the same after processing before cutting auxiliary fitting. Such as: NITTO RP6030, R100, and so on, should avoid the phenomenon of contraction and extension. In order to reduce the damage caused by this phenomenon, it is suggested that the small size should be designated as the standard in the typesetting.

The production protection film is a fear of dirty, two fear of expansion and all is fatal injury, the former is the production environment conditions can be improved. The latter is closely related with the material, such as electrostatic protective film made of PVC material, the expansion size up to 0.4-1mm, Shenzhen - processed products, you will find a way to pull the product shrinkage, a direction of extension, and is not directly proportional to, how to solve the headache problem, yet to find a suitable method. The size of the knife die has to be resized as well as according to its characteristics.

A punching PE protective film, punching product shrinkage. I've often encountered this phenomenon, but many test methods, to find a better method, for everyone to talk about. The punching PE protective film, the most important is that film is critical, as long as the tension control film, two. Go to the film or punching, the size of the products will not receive the serious shrinkage.

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